Tactical negotiation

Tactical negotiation – when interaction becomes difficult

Improve your customer understanding, build strong trust with your interlocutor, sell and negotiate successfully, learn how to manage challenging interactions, and realize how you can influence your interlocutor's decision-making. This is all about Tactical Negotiation.

Everyday life and working life constantly push challenging interaction situations in front of us, whether it is a difficult business negotiation, a difficult work meeting, a challenging client, a salary negotiation or even a stressful media interview. The courage and skill to manage these difficult encounters will take us towards our own goals.

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The tactical negotiation method is a method applied from demanding official tasks to the management of challenging interaction situations and difficult negotiations. Techniques that work in police hearings or dangerous encounters with undercover operations also work with certainty in all interaction and negotiation situations in the business world. At the heart of tactical negotiation is an understanding of human behavior, constructive communication and the creation of solution models that utilize the parties.

Using this method:

  • Take your interactions to a whole new level
  • You'll be able to build deeper trust faster than ever before
  • You can read your interlocutor like an open book
  • You are able to influence the decision-making of the negotiating partner
  • Negotiate for better results