Test-pushed under challenging conditions method

Imagine being able to manage demanding interactions like a seasoned professional and read your interlocutor's thoughts like an open book. Welcome to the world of Tactical Negotiation, where challenges turn into opportunities.

Police interrogations, undercover operations, important business meetings, demanding sales meetings or difficult business meetings have surprisingly much in common. They all have high ambitions, emotions influence decisions and the keys to influence are the same.

At the heart of tactical negotiation is the ability to build positive interactions, deepen trust, understand human behaviour and use this knowledge to achieve your goals. Negotiation is always about influence. The better you understand your interlocutor's motives and objectives, the more effectively you can influence his or her decision-making.

Boldly towards challenging encounters

The better we manage challenging interactions, the better we understand the other party and become understood ourselves. Avoiding conflict is not always the answer, but courage and the ability to face it can be the key to avoiding misunderstandings and achieving your own goals.

Tactical negotiation is not just about negotiating - it's a life skill that helps you set your own limits and improve your interactions with other people. People work according to a pattern, and when you understand the behavioural patterns that guide us, you can predict and positively influence the course of interactions.

Welcome to the journey towards better interaction and stronger negotiation skills.