Thousands of challenging negotiations

In difficult situations, a person always acts according to a certain formula

Experience has shown that the more difficult the interaction situation is, the more likely we are to follow certain operating models. The better we understand human behavior and the factors that guide it, the better we will be able to anticipate changes in the interaction situation.

I worked for 15 years as a drug and violent crime investigator, in international undercover operations and as a Supo officer, and gained invaluable experience in managing challenging interaction situations, managing stress mechanisms, building trust and influencing in challenging negotiation situations. But it wasn't until I moved on to supervisor and expert positions in the private sector that I realized that, in principle, there is no difference between a tough negotiation with a professional criminal, a difficult sales negotiation or a difficult work meeting. A person behaves according to a certain formula, and the factors that change the activity are also the same. The operating models developed in extreme situations are now at your disposal with the tactical negotiation® method I have developed.

Sami Sallinen