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Sami Sallinen

It's not enough to know, you have to be able to put theory into practice. All our coaches are top professionals in their field and experienced coaches. Take advantage of decades of experience and let us coach your business professionals to become skilled communicators.

Our team

Sami Sallinen

Sami Sallinen

Founder of the tactical negotiation® method, behavioral specialist

Sami has thousands of challenging negotiations behind him and over 30 years of experience in managing challenging interaction situations. For the past twenty years, he has worked in expert and managerial positions in the corporate world in corporate security and operational risks, but Sami has a background in the police. He worked for a long time in the Helsinki Drug and Violent Crime Unit, the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service's Directorate-General, as well as in international under cover and criminal investigation tasks.

Sami is also an experienced business coach, non-verbal communication expert, media commentator and non-fiction writer.

Heini Harve-Rytsälä

Stress Management Coach

As an experienced specialist and healthcare manager, Hein has solid experience in decision-making and stress management under extreme pressure, both in pre-known challenging negotiation settings and in completely unexpected situations. Heini is a specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care and an adjunct professor of emergency medicine. He has also completed a special vocational qualification in management. Heini has worked for more than ten years in out-of-hospital emergency care, of which the last seven years in a medical helicopter and in management positions in the emergency care system of a university hospital district. Throughout his career, Heini has been interested in the importance of stress management in improving performance and life management, both in acute official positions in the field and in any interaction and negotiation situations. He is a well-liked and practical stress management trainer who is able to apply his skills acquired in extreme situations also to the challenges of work and everyday life. 

Annette Rinne

Annette Rinne

Crisis Communication Specialist, Media Coach

Annette is a former long-term journalist at Yle and she has worked for a long time as communications manager for organizational communications in a demanding operating environment. Annette is also an experienced and well-liked trainer in media coaching and crisis communication. Her specialty is crisis-ridden communication and challenging encounters in front of the media. In the coaching, Annette utilizes her solid experience in both the roles of a journalist and a communications manager.