Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these trainings differ from other negotiation coaching?

Tactical negotiation is not just about coaching negotiation skills; it is a holistic approach to managing different interaction situations. Everyone interprets a challenging interaction situation through their own subjective experience. For a salesperson, a challenging encounter may mean that the customer does not buy, for a supervisor it may mean that the subordinate behaves in a problematic way, and for an expert it may mean that his or her professionalism is not trusted. Our coaching focuses not only on interaction and negotiation skills, but also on understanding the patterns that drive human behaviour, non-verbal communication, managing fear and stress mechanisms and influencing.

Who is the coaching suitable for?

The trainings are suitable for anyone who faces challenging interaction situations, wants to learn how to negotiate better or deepen their interaction skills. Whether you are a salesperson, negotiator, manager, customer service representative or expert, our trainings provide concrete tools that can be applied to different everyday interaction situations.

How long are the trainings?

Business coaching is always tailored to the customer's needs and goals. Our most popular coaching sessions are half-day (3 h) and full-day (6 h) coaching, but longer coaching divided over several days is also a good option for many customers. The content and emphases of the coaching are always adapted to the customer's needs, so the length of the coaching is also easily customizable.

What are coaching like?

Shorter half-day coaching sessions are usually lecture-oriented workshop coaching. In longer modules, it is also possible to practice more, which means that the participants take their skills even further.

The emphasis and structure of the coaching is always planned and decided together with the customer to ensure that the content meets the needs of the company.

What is the appropriate group size?

The size of the group can vary greatly depending on the nature of the coaching. In lecture-based coaching, group size is not a limiting factor and can range from a small group up to hundreds of participants. For coaching sessions with practical training, we generally recommend keeping the group size to less than 30 participants to provide the most personalised guidance and training. The aim of the training is always to ensure the best possible learning experience for the participants.

Frequently Asked Questions