Interaction, tactical negotiation, Sami Sallinen

Interaction and negotiation skills - the key to success in working life

Is there a more important skill in working life than communication and negotiation? Tactical negotiation coaching is designed for anyone who wants to perfect these skills or who wants to gain a deeper understanding of human behaviour in different situations.

Tactical negotiation is not just about theory; it is about methods tested in practice, providing concrete tools even for experienced professionals.

Who is the method suitable for?


Even top professionals need strong interpersonal skills, because it's not always enough to know what you're doing. If you want to be heard, you also need to know how to establish focus and how to convince the other party


Everyone can negotiate on easy issues, but the real skill comes when conflicting interests are at odds. Tactical negotiation helps to unravel the situation and steer the negotiation back on the right track.


The most difficult sales situations are usually related to conflicts of interest and closing the deal. Tactical negotiation will help you to manage these situations and ensure customer satisfaction.

Supervisors and HR professionals.

The difficult interactions and recruitments you will face in your working life can be critically challenging. Tactical negotiation will give you the skills and knowledge to handle these situations in a professional manner.

Coaches and trainers.

When you are in the public eye, building trust and getting your message across are essential. Tactical negotiation helps you to manage these situations and strengthen your position.

Customer service agents.

In customer service, you will often encounter challenging customers. Tactical Negotiation will teach you how to manage these difficult situations and maintain a professional attitude.

Tactical negotiation is not just a skill, it is an asset. It helps you achieve your own goals in the workplace and provides practical tools for influence and success.

Don't miss this opportunity to be the best version of yourself, even in the most challenging situations at work.